The Cost of Bioclear®

For any dental restoration, the cost is always a factor. But there are many things that can make up the actual cost of dental work. The method and materials are important, but there’s also the longevity of the particular restoration and how well it meets the specific criteria of your dental problems.

Bioclear® is a modern dental tool that can be used for a variety of dental problems. Whether you have chipped or misshapen teeth or are dealing with black triangles in your smile, Bioclear tooth bonding can help. Dr. Jacob Grapevine discusses what Bioclear® can treat and the cost of Bioclear treatment.bioclear in plano, texas

The Bioclear® Treatment Process

Bioclear is often used in place of porcelain veneers or dental crowns for cosmetic dentistry needs. However, instead of tooth structure needing to be removed for one of those restorations, Bioclear helps to boost your current tooth structure, instead of taking any away.

Because no tooth structure is removed, the Bioclear treatment is also reversible. When parts of your tooth structure are removed, you’re required to have a restoration at all times to protect those teeth. Bioclear can be removed if you no longer want it or want a more permanent restoration.

To get Bioclear®, a thin mold is placed over your teeth. A composite material is warmed so that it can flow easily, filling the molds that have been placed. The resin is different than traditional bonding material and is matched to the color of your teeth. It’s hardened, then polished so that it looks natural.

The Price of Bioclear®

The actual price of Bioclear treatment is somewhere between the cost of a porcelain veneer and traditional dental bonding. But it’s important to consider the differences between all of these different forms of dental treatment.

A porcelain veneer is considered a permanent dental procedure. It’s a full shell of dental ceramic that goes over the tooth. However, this comes with the removal of a decent amount of tooth structure.

Dental bonding is often cheaper than Bioclear, but that also requires the removal of some of your tooth structure. Traditional dental bonding doesn’t last as long as Bioclear treatment. It’s also less attractive than the resin used in Bioclear treatment.

Before any cosmetic procedure, we’ll do a full consultation to help determine what method is the best one for you. We’ll go over these different treatment options to make sure that Bioclear is the best one to fit your smile.

Our Payment Options

At our office, we offer multiple ways for you to finance your dental work. We accept most dental insurance plans, however, what they cover can vary widely. In particular, cosmetic dental treatments are often not covered by insurance, or your insurance may require specific materials. This will determine whether or not they’ll cover Bioclear treatment. We can help you maximize the benefits of your Health Savings Account as well.

We want to make sure you get the best dental care possible, no matter your budget. We can phase treatment over time to allow you to pay it slowly. Also, pre-payment plans can help you to stay within a budget. We accept all major credit cards for you to fund your treatment.

Lastly, we’ve partnered with companies that offer you payment plans with 0% interest rates. CareCredit and Citi Health Card are both accepted at our practice. Both of these options can give you financing for 12 months with little to no interest rates!

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