Multiple Dental Implants Plano, TX

One of the most significant advances in dentistry is dental implants. Implant dentistry has been around for decades, although modern dentistry offers many more advanced tools and techniques making implant restored restorations last longer and look just like natural teeth.

While your natural teeth are the best for your oral health, dental implants are the number one replacement option when teeth are damaged or missing. If you are missing two or more teeth, Dr. Jacob Grapevine offers multiple dental implants in Plano, TX.

While dentures and partial dentures are still available possibilities, these traditional removable options have many disadvantages when compared to teeth implants. Removable restorations do not provide stimulation for the jawbone, which is crucial to preventing bone loss.

When your jaw bone begins to deteriorate because of missing teeth, it causes your face to appear sunken in. Implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone acting as replacement tooth roots and preserving the bone.

replace multiple missing teeth with dental implants in Plano, TX

Multiple Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth with multiple dental implants requires very careful and meticulous treatment planning. Dr. Grapevine will conduct a very thorough and comprehensive evaluation at his Plano, TX dentist office to determine what kind of dental implant restoration you will need.

Determining factors include the number of missing teeth and their location. He will create a personalized treatment plan that is unique to your needs and desires. The options you have to replace multiple teeth with dental implants include:

implant-secured denture in Plano TX

Dental Implant Supported Denture

For patients missing most or all of their teeth, Dr. Grapevine will recommend an implant-secured denture. Anywhere from two up to eight implants will be surgically placed in the jaw bone to anchor the denture. The exact number of implants used will depend on where the implants are being placed (in the upper or lower jaw) and will ultimately be decided by the dentist. Denture implants offer patients a better quality of life compared to removable dentures.

Dental Implant Supported Dental Bridge

For patients missing a few consecutive teeth, Dr. Grapevine will recommend an implant-secured bridge. This will require at least two implants that will be used to support a dental bridge. The implants will be surgically placed on both sides of the gap where three or more missing teeth were located.

Several Implant Supported Dental Crowns

For patients that are missing single teeth that are not consecutive, Dr. Grapevine will recommend replacing each tooth with an implant-secured crown. A single dental implant will be surgically placed in the root canal for each missing tooth and will be restored with a custom made dental crown.

Dental implant restorations are the number one choice to replace multiple missing teeth. While do require a greater investment and the treatment time is longer, they allow patients to live a better quality of life. Teeth implants allow for a healthier diet, offer a natural appearance and are better for your overall and oral health when compared to traditional restorations.

They are also easier to care for, safer for the surrounding teeth, help prevent bone loss, and with proper oral care will last forever. Schedule a consultation  with Dr. Grapevine at his Plano, TX dentist office to learn more about multiple dental implants.

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