Multiple Dental Implants Plano, TX

Dental implants are one of the most significant advancements in dentistry. Implant dentistry has existed for decades, but modern dentistry offers many more tools and techniques. While natural teeth are the best for tooth and gum health, dental implants are the number one replacement for missing teeth. If you are missing two or more teeth, Dr. Jacob Grapevine offers multiple dental implants in Plano, TX.

Full and partial dentures are still available. However, these traditional removable options have many cons compared to teeth implants. Removable restorations do not support the jawbone, which prevents bone loss.

An oral surgeon places implant posts in the jaw bone during implant treatment. These posts act as replacement tooth roots. Implant-restored restorations last longer and look just like natural teeth. Dental implants provide many benefits over removable restorations of the past.

replace multiple missing teeth with dental implants in Plano, TX

Multiple Dental Implants in Plano, TX for Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth with multiple dental implants requires treatment planning. Dr. Grapevine will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw at his Plano, TX, dentist’s office. He will also evaluate the health of your bone, gums, and any remaining teeth. This evaluation will help determine what kind of dental implant restoration you need.

He will also note the number of missing teeth and their location. Dr. Grapevine will create a personalized treatment plan unique to your needs. The options you have to replace multiple teeth with dental implants include:

implant-secured denture in Plano TX

Dental Implant-Supported Denture

Dr. Grapevine will recommend an implant-supported denture for patients missing most or all of their teeth. He can place two to eight implants in the jaw bone to support the denture. The exact number of implants used will depend on where he places the implants (in the upper or lower jaw).

All-On-Four uses four implants to support an upper or lower tooth arch. This treatment benefits patients who have lost most of their teeth. However, these patients must also have healthy jaw bone.

Ultimately, our dentist will decide how many implants you require. Denture implants offer patients a better quality of life compared to traditional dentures. Traditional removable dentures can slip easily. Dentures often do not support surrounding teeth and gums because they lay on the gums. A denture usually uses adhesive to stay in place.

Dental Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

Dr. Grapevine recommends an implant-secured bridge for patients missing a few consecutive teeth. This will require at least two implants to support a dental bridge. The implants are surgically placed on both sides of the gap where three or more missing teeth were located.

Unlike traditional bridges, implant bridges will not lose their natural look over time. Implants also help bridges last longer without the need for repairs.

Several Implant-Supported Dental Crowns

Dr. Grapevine will recommend replacing each tooth with an implant-secured crown for patients missing single, non-consecutive teeth. A single dental implant is surgically placed in the root canal for each missing tooth. A custom-made dental crown restores these implants.

Implant-secured crowns are another alternative to a traditional bridge. We do not need to prepare natural, healthy teeth on either side of the tooth gap with implant crowns.

Why Should You Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implant restorations are the number one choice to replace multiple missing teeth. Implants require more initial investment and longer treatment times.

However, they allow patients to live healthy. Tooth implants encourage a healthy diet as they restore bite function. Implant restorations also appear like natural teeth. Like removable restorations, implants use crowns, bridges, and dentures made of tooth-colored materials.

Dental implants are better for your physical and oral health than removable restorations. Implants are also easier to care for than other restorations. You can clean implant restorations with a soft-bristled brush and regular floss. With proper oral care, dental implants will last forever.

Can You Get Multiple Dental Implants At One Time?

Yes, we can place multiple dental implants in one visit. You can restore all your missing teeth at once with an implant restoration. We will find how many implants you need to secure your restoration.

However, this does not mean we will restore each lost tooth with an implant. As little as four dental implants and as many as eight implants can secure an upper or lower tooth arch. We will take X-rays to determine how many implants you need for your dentures.

How Much Do Multiple Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of implant treatment depends on the number of implants you require. Implant cost will also depend on the type of restoration you need. On average, multiple implants cost more than single tooth implants. Multiple implants can secure bridges and dentures.

Bone grafting, tooth removal, and other treatments may also affect your cost. Before we provide restorative care, we must ensure that you are in good oral health. 

You will need treatment if you have tooth damage or infections that affect your oral health. Sometimes, we will recommend gum therapy to treat gum disease. If you have a severe infection, we may recommend a root canal. We can also remove teeth before implant treatment. 

Additionally, we will recommend grafting if you have lost natural jaw bone. Over time, the bone can recede as your jawbone loses support from tooth roots. Healthy bone will ensure you are a good candidate for dental implants. 

Preparations for implant treatment can add to the total cost of your treatment. However, this cost is well worth it for many patients. Patients with removable dentures, old dentures, or missing teeth receive lasting treatments with implants.

Restore Your Lost Teeth Today

Renew the look and function of teeth with expert-led dental care. Feel free to make a dental appointment with Dr. Grapevine at his Plano, TX, dentist’s office online. You can also call Dr. Grapevine’s office at (972) 449-5759 to make your next visit.

If you have multiple missing teeth but don’t know what treatment is right for you, we can help. Our office will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw to help find the best restoration. 

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