Is Bioclear® Right For You?

Bioclear® is an innovative technique that’s designed to transform your smile. It’s biocompatible, using composite resin and plastic matrices. It’s ideal to take on cosmetic issues with your teeth while preserving more of the natural structure of your teeth than other options. Dr. Jacob Grapevine is a dentist in Plano, TX that specializes in treatment with the Bioclear® system. With his expertise, he can help determine if Bioclear is the best solution for your dental problems.

Is Bioclear Right For You?

How Much Does Bioclear® Cost?

We know that budgets are a big part of choosing the dental treatment you want to go with. The cost of Bioclear treatment can vary depending on the patient and how large the treatment area may be. The larger the treatment area, the more time and material that need to be used. This can impact the price greatly.

However, treatment with Bioclear® is on average 25-50% cheaper than getting porcelain veneers. It’s also a lot less expensive to repair or replace than a veneer or a dental crown. It’s a bit more expensive than dental bonding, but with a longer lifespan. The effects of Bioclear are also better than bonding on its own. If you have dental insurance, your plan may cover a portion of the cost of treatment.

How Effective Is Bioclear®?

Bioclear is effective for a wide range of dental concerns, and can usually be done in a single appointment. One of the main benefits of Bioclear is how great it is at taking care of the black triangles that can form between teeth. Because the composite resin is injected into forms between your teeth, it’s able to get into these areas better than other treatment options.

Bioclear is ideal because it helps to rejuvenate your natural tooth structure. It doesn’t remove it or permanently alter it like dental crowns or porcelain veneers. It’s durable and can last — on average — as long as veneers or longer. Because of the material and the way it’s administered, it’s designed to be more durable than traditional dental bonding.

Treatment options like porcelain veneers can also cause inflammation of the gum tissue. Veneers create a ledge that can irritate the gum tissue. Because of the molding process, it’s possible for Bioclear to take care of these issues without causing any further irritation or inflammation to the soft tissue.

Is Getting Bioclear® Painful?

The Bioclear process isn’t painful or even really uncomfortable. Other cosmetic procedures can cause pain and discomfort because some of the tooth structure has to be removed. Bioclear doesn’t involve the removal of any of your tooth structure. The material used for Bioclear treatment is warmed enough to flow freely, but not hot enough to cause any discomfort.

What Is Bioclear® Ideal To Fix?

Bioclear can be used for any small cosmetic dental concerns you have with your teeth. These include chips, cracks, gaps between your teeth, dark triangles, discoloration, teeth that are misshapen or too small, or damage that’s been caused by tooth decay.

Bioclear is ideal because it can be reversed. While Bioclear is a great option to take care of cosmetic issues, you may decide that a more permanent option is ideal for your smile. However, Bioclear won’t routinely need to be replaced, either.

Getting Bioclear® In Plano, Texas

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