Bioclear Treatment Plano TX

Bioclear® is a biocompatible dental method that uses composite resin and plastic matrices to cover one or more teeth and keep the integrity of the tooth structure. Rather than removing a healthy tooth structure, the Bioclear method structurally reinforces the tooth while giving teeth a natural aesthetic look. Treatment with Bioclear only requires removing tooth damage or infection prior to treatment and has the ability to save and strengthen teeth. In many cases, if a tooth is decayed, broken, cracked, or weak, we would recommend a dental crown that requires removing up to 70% of the tooth structure. Alternatively, Bioclear can conserve the tooth and provide a predictable treatment.

The Bioclear method, along with Dr. Jacob Grapevine‘s technical expertise, can often build a tooth up rather than grind a tooth down. Dr. Grapevine provides this cosmetic dental treatment to patients in his Plano, TX dental office.

What Can Bioclear® Do?

Bioclear can close gaps between teeth and around gum tissue, and even stimulate the gum tissue to maintain proper gum tissue health and height. Spaces around tooth and gum tissue allow food, bacteria, and plaque to accumulate. Bacteria can cause gum inflammation and infection which may lead to tooth problems.

Many patients become frustrated with food getting stuck between their teeth as well as “black triangles”, small gaps between teeth and the gumline. Dental veneers can often create ledges around the veneer and gum tissue which leads to more gum inflammation. With this method, a gum tissue graft cannot be successfully performed due to the lack of support between the teeth. However, the Bioclear method can close black triangles without irritating the gums.

Before & After Bioclear®

Benefits of Bioclear®

The Bioclear method offers many benefits to our patients. Bioclear can:

  • Look just like a tooth structure
  • Stimulate tissue health
  • Be easy to maintain
  • Eliminate food trapping
  • Improve health and esthetics

More expensive cosmetic and restorative options such as dental crowns and porcelain veneers require numbing, multiple appointments, and added lab cost and time. Dental crowns can take away up to 70% of the tooth structure. 15-20% of dental crowns end up needing root canals.

Bioclear rejuvenates the tooth rather than removing natural healthy teeth. In addition, Bioclear the Bioclear method uses injectable heated composite so it is very durable.

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