Implant Dentures Plano, TX

One of the most exciting options for patients missing most of their teeth is implant-secured dentures. Dr. Jacob Grapevine is pleased to be one of the few dentists in Plano, TX, with the training and experience to provide implant dentures. He provides patients with coordinated care for implant dentures. This restoration is also known as teeth-in-a-day.

An implant denture may suit you if you have a poorly fit denture or need your teeth removed. Implant-supported dentures can improve your smile’s aesthetics, function, and health. They provide the added benefits of implants and help stabilize the bite’s function. Implant-secured dentures promote healthy and confident smiles.

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Benefits of Dental Implant-Supported Dentures in Plano, TX

A removable denture uses adhesive to stay in place. However, it can slip around the mouth when eating or talking. Problems like denture slippage can create embarrassing situations. 

Removable dentures also lay on the gums. They do not support the underlying jaw bone. This means that dentures do not support the facial structure. Jaw bone loss is a common problem in many patients with missing teeth. As you lose natural teeth, you also lose the support of your jawbone.

In just under a year of missing a tooth, you can experience facial sagging. Facial sagging can make you look older than you are. We recommend implants to restore structure and function. 

Implant-secured dentures provide patients with a range of benefits. Dr. Grapevine may recommend that patients secure their dentures with implants for the added benefits.

Dental implants can:

  • Promote a stable and functional bite
  • Prevent jaw bone loss
  • Keep teeth from shifting
  • Prevent further tooth loss
  • Support bone structure
  • Provide natural, beautiful, confident smiles

Implants act as anchors for dentures. This means you don’t have to worry about your dentures slipping. Implant restorations also restore bite function, so you have fewer restrictions against hard or crunchy foods. Once you are used to your implant dentures, you can eat and speak naturally.

Because implants use durable, high-quality materials, they ensure restorations last longer. Implants use titanium posts that can last forever if cared for properly. While your denture may need to be relined over time, your implants are permanent. View our smile gallery to see great examples of dental implant cases Dr. Grapevine has performed in his office. 

Treatment with Implant Dentures in Plano, TX

Your journey to a more secure, comfortable, and beautiful smile begins with a consultation with our dentist in Plano, TX. Dr. Grapevine will evaluate your oral health and bone tissue to determine if you are a successful candidate for implant-secured dentures. Patients will need the right amount of healthy bone tissue for successful results.

For patients who do not have ample healthy bone, bone grafting or All-On-Four may be alternatives to implant-secured dentures. Treatment will vary depending on the patient’s health and due to additional treatments needed to restore oral health fully.

If you are a candidate for denture implants, Dr. Grapevine will coordinate treatment with a local oral surgeon. He works closely with some of the most trusted local oral surgeons to provide you with the best dental implants in Plano, TX.

The oral surgeon will surgically place the appropriate number of implants to support your denture. Our local surgeon will place the implants to maximize the support of the bone. Depending on the number of implants you will need, plan on the surgery taking anywhere from one to three hours.

Then, you will receive a temporary denture while you heal. We will place the final dental restoration once the implants fully fuse with the jawbone.

Your denture will be custom-designed to look just like your natural teeth. Dr. Grapevine will help you create a denture that accentuates your best feature- your beautiful smile.

Can I Get Teeth-in-a-Day?

The teeth-in-a-day dental process ensures you get your implant denture in just one office visit. We can remove infected teeth, place implants, and provide a temporary denture in one day. After this in-office visit, you will not need more oral surgery or treatment. However, a lot of planning goes into this treatment.

Before your in-office procedure, we must ensure you’re a good candidate for this treatment. Good candidates for teeth-in-a-day are patients with missing and severely infected teeth. To prepare for teeth-in-a-day, we will first take dental X-rays of your teeth, gum, and jaw. We can provide grafting if you lack jaw bone to support your implants. Our office can also offer gum disease treatment as needed.

Caring For Implant Dentures

Directly after you receive your implants, do not smoke or use tobacco products. The nicotine in tobacco products restricts your blood vessels. This makes it harder for blood to flow to the gum and bone tissue and slows healing. We also recommend eating softer foods first and gradually working up to eating harder foods. 

Implant-retained dentures are removable, while implant-secured dentures are fixed. We often recommend fixed implant dentures because they offer simpler care. If you have a removable denture, you must clean your restoration separately. However, with an implant-secured denture, you can brush and floss normally. 

When cleaning your dentures, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. You can clean between teeth with regular floss. However, we can also recommend a water flosser or interdental floss if it’s easier for you. Our office can show you how to floss your restoration correctly. As with natural teeth, you should floss and brush your dentures twice daily. 

You can visit our office regularly for a dental cleaning. At these visits, we can check the fit and appearance of your dentures. We can also provide repairs as needed.

Replace Your Missing Teeth

If you are missing all or several teeth, we offer implant-secured dentures and All-on-Four. We can create custom dental implant restorations in our Frisco and Plano, TX, area cosmetic dentist offices. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Grapevine to discuss your oral health, concerns, and budget to see if implant dentures are the right choice.

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