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FIND RELIEF FROM JAW PAIN: Comprehensive TMJ Diagnosis & Treatment

Dr. Grapevine has focused his post-graduate training on the diagnosis and treatment of bite related problems and temporomandibular disorders. He takes a functional approach to your symptoms and concerns.

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Dr. Grapevine is a Texas native and has been providing his personal style of comprehensive dental care to patients and families in the Plano area for over 15 years. Committed to improving your patient experience, he has completed advanced training with leading institutions for dental professionals and incorporated dental technology into his practice.


Dr. Grapevine is a family and restorative dentist in Plano Texas with the experience and skill set necessary to help you identify underlying dental health concerns and provide comprehensive dental care. He can straighten your smile as a Plano Invisalign provider and offers treatment for bite problems using advanced technology.

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If you suffer from migraines, jaw pain, clicking or popping in jaw, tinnitus or broken and worn teeth.  You may have TMD or more commonly known as TMJ. Note: Botox is not a long-term solution. It just masks the symptoms. This can result in permanent jaw joint damage. Get a free phone call assessment with @jacobgrapevinedds to see if he can help. We won’t waste your time or money but will get you on the right track. @nathaliamelofit is a happy patient. #tmj #tmjdisorder #migraine #headaches #planomoms
Smile preview where @jacobgrapevinedds puts temporary resin on so patient can decide color and shape for smile makeover. Ask me how today with link in bio. #smile #smilemakeover #veneer #planotx
Hard at work this week for my CE webinar with @cosmedentinc this Friday the 29th @ 12 pm@CST. Listen in to have @jacobgrapevinedds as your mentor for your next case. Link in @cosmedentinc bio. #education #veneers #veneer #veneerspecialist #smilemakeover #CECosmedent

Personalized Dentistry. Compassionate Care.

Transform Your Smile

Complete cosmetic dentistry in Plano including BioClear,
an alternative to porcelain veneers.
What could BioClear do for your smile?
Learn How We Can Help Transform Your Smile

BioClear Smile Makeover Options
Dentist office in Plano, TX

Patient Safety

At the Plano, TX dental office of Dr. Jacob Grapevine,
patient safety comes first, which is why we provide
medical-grade air filtration, automated
instrument washers and more.

Your Wellness is Our Priority Smile Makeover Options
Modern Dentistry in Plano, TX

Functional Dentistry

Dr. Grapevine takes a comprehensive and functional approach when
addressing your dental concerns to treat the root problem.

Complete Solutions for Lasting Results Smile Makeover Options
Dentistry in Plano, TX

State of the Art Technology

Advanced digital diagnostics including Tek-Scan and
imaging for the best possible outcomes.

The Latest Technology for Optimal Results Smile Makeover Options
Dental Care Team in Plano, TX

Our Experienced Dental Care Team

Dr. Grapevine leads a dental team that is committed
to ongoing training and education for the benefit of our patients.

Meet Our Dental Team Smile Makeover Options
Comprehensive Dentist in Plano, TX

Patient Resources

Find office information, payment & financing details and other
resources to make your visit to our Plano dentist office pleasant and

Learn About Your First Visit Smile Makeover Options
Award-winning Dentist in Plano, TX

Advanced Training & Education

Dr. Grapevine has trained with leading dental professionals at the Dawson
Academy and is a member of the American Academy of
Cosmetic Dentists.

Dr. Grapevine's Training & Experience Smile Makeover Options
Restorative Dentist in Plano, TX

Solutions for Complex Concerns

We offer advanced diagnostics and care for all types of
oral health and bite-related problems.

Advanced Solutions for Your Oral Health Smile Makeover Options

For A Healthy And Beautiful Smile

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Do you want to close gaps between your teeth and eliminate the appearance of "black triangles"? Bioclear® is a biocompatible method offered in our Plano, TX dentist office!

  • Non-surgical
  • No drilling
  • Replace old dental work
  • Keep your teeth healthy and beautiful
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About Our Office

Office videos and patient testimonials from our real patients. Dr. Jacob Grapevine strives to build beautiful, healthy smiles through Excellence, Education, and Encouragement.


"I recommend Dr. Grapvine everywhere I go... I'm like you HAVE to check out Dr. Grapevine. I like the fact that he listens. "

Watch a Real Patient Testimonial


"They put me at ease because of the way they treated me right from the start.... this is just a different place, they really do care about you."

Watch a Real Patient Testimonial


"Dr. Grapevine's office is wonderful..... the office staff is wonderful, friendly, they're kind, they're very thorough, they just make me feel at ease."

Watch a Real Patient Testimonial


"I was thrilled when Dr. Grapevine said let's try something different... it was painless, I didn't have to have any kind of gas.... it was just wonderful and it has been me feel better about myself."

Watch a Real Patient Testimonial


"Invisalign has been really easy to do with our busy lifestyle... it was really convenient, it has been easy!"

Watch a Real Patient Testimonial
Why Choose Us?
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Patient Testimonials

Jacob Grapevine, DDS - Signature Dentistry

Jacob Grapevine, DDS - Signature Dentistry

Marissa Bateman

5 out of 5 stars

Great experience! This staff is the most friendly and genuine I've ever met. Made me feel like a family member, rather than just another patient.

Jacob Grapevine, DDS - Signature Dentistry

Jacob Grapevine, DDS - Signature Dentistry

Claudia Smith

5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Grapevine has been wonderful taking care of my dental needs, and the staff is great. They always make you feel so comfortable, and now they are going above and beyond with all of the necessary precautions and that really put my mind at ease. Highly recommended!!

Jacob Grapevine, DDS - Signature Dentistry

Jacob Grapevine, DDS - Signature Dentistry

Mary Fran

5 out of 5 stars

I am having very time-intensive, specialized work in my mouth, and I have been very comfortable and secure that everyone around me is as germ-free as possible during this time of COVID. Doctor Grapevine is an expert in the repair of teeth and bite alignment, especially after a rear end collision as I had.

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