Signature DentistryOffice Technology

Dr. Jacob Grapevine has maintained a commitment to evolving our dental practice and your patient experience through the incorporation of new digital technology and techniques. Our dentist in Plano, TX uses a wide array of technology to evaluate and treat patients with more accuracy and greater comfort.

Our in-office dental technologies include:

T-Scan: A handheld device, TekScan uses digital scanning and unique software that enables our team to detect and diagnose bite issues.

TekScan for TMJ diagnosis Plano Texas

Digital dental x-rays: We have a special X-ray unit that does not hurt or gauge. Our bite tabs are outside of the mouth instead of inside the mouth to help patients avoid discomfort.

Digital dental impressions: We can use a handheld digital device to take impressions of your teeth when creating clear aligners for Invisalign treatment and many other restorative needs.

Patient Education Resources: We offer access to digital education software to illustrate conditions, expectations, and treatment plans accordingly to patients.

Intraoral camera: A handheld device we can use to view mouth conditions in real-time and discuss the treatment plans with the patient. The intraoral camera can be an important tool for spotting and treating dental problems in the early stages of development, avoiding complex issues and more invasive treatment needs down the road.

Digital photography: We offer customized before/after photo simulation to allow patients to see results before treatment, a great tool for analysis and informed decision making for a restorative or cosmetic treatment plan.

Mockup simulation: Which is an esthetic “try-in” designed to see the outcome before starting esthetic treatment. This allows the patient to see the desired outcome in their mouth, with their smile, before treatment. It also allows us to evaluate cosmetics, color, shape, length, and expectations.