General Dentistry Plano, TX

Plano, Texas dentist Dr. Jacob Grapevine provides quality dental care for children and adults. We accept all types of dental insurance and will take care of all the necessary billing and paperwork to help you maximize your benefit.

Dr. Grapevine suggests patients visit our family dentist office for routine dental care and cleanings every six months to prevent dental problems and maintain optimal health. In addition to general dentistry services, we provide an array of comprehensive dental services to the public in Plano, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

We welcome new patients from many greater Dallas, TX communities, including McKinney, Allen, and Frisco.

General Dentistry in Plano, TX

General dentistry focuses on diagnosing, treating, and managing a patient’s oral health. It helps patients maintain their natural smile and protect their teeth and gums from common concerns and future damage. Dr. Grapevine is a general dentist in Plano, TX that focuses on providing high-quality dental health care to patients of all ages.

Dr. Grapevine strives to develop a bond of trust with each and every patient. He is passionate about helping his patients feel better about their health, solving their dental problems, and growing a friendly relationship with them for a lifetime. Our dentist office offers a full menu of general dentistry treatments, including:

Importance of Routine Dental Care

Preventative care is the foundation of your oral health. You have to take care of your smile properly by both visiting the dentist regularly and taking care of your oral health at home. Even if you’re great at caring for your smile in one of these ways, you’re still at risk for oral health problems if you’re not diligent in the other areas of your life.

At home, you should brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. Preferably, you should brush and floss after every meal. This helps eliminate plaque and tartar from building up on your teeth and causing oral health problems. Leaving food particles and sugar on your teeth means that bacteria have things to feed on. Their byproducts cause tooth decay and irritate the soft tissue of your gums, leading to gum disease.

But you aren’t completely clear if you’re not visiting the dentist office, too. We have specialized dental tools that can be the only way to clean cramped and difficult areas of your smile. Even if you’re brushing and flossing diligently at home, plaque and tartar can still build up in the areas you can’t reach. Without deeper cleaning from your dentist, you’re still at a higher risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

We perform thorough oral exams at these appointments, too. The early warning signs of conditions like oral cancer and gum disease are usually painless and hard to notice. Our dental staff is trained to notice signs you may not notice on your own. We also have diagnostic tools to confirm suspicions and ensure our concern is warranted. Finding problems early allows for less invasive treatment and more affordable solutions for your budget.

Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

Routine visits to the dentist are especially important for children and adolescents, who can be more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay without proper dental care and oral hygiene. We offer a comprehensive dental care program for children, including gentle cleanings, dental sealants, tooth-colored fillings, and wisdom teeth removal.

Our dental care team works with young patients to establish age-appropriate oral hygiene routines and demonstrates proper tooth brushing and flossing. Helping your child learn to care for their growing smile early on will lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy and comfortable smiles.

Dr. Grapevine is pleased to offer PerioSciences oral health care products. You can purchase natural toothpaste, whitening strips, and other recommended specialized products in our Plano, TX dental office.

What is PerioSciences?

PerioSciences products contain powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammation to prevent gum disease, promote saliva production as a natural antibacterial agent, and neutralize bad bacteria for fresher breath. In addition, patients can find products that effectively whiten teeth, minimize tooth sensitivity, and hydrate dry mouths.

Dr. Grapevine may recommend using a PerioSciences product to help you maintain or restore the health of your teeth and gums.

Dr. Grapevine offers a full range of general dentistry services, and nearly all procedures can be performed in our Plano, Texas dental office. We take great pride in our level of excellence and preventive treatment. During a routine visit, you can expect the following:

  • Dental exam
  • Screening for decay, gum disease, and oral cancer
  • Occlusal analysis
  • Dental cleaning
  • Fluoride as needed

The Best Diet for a Healthy Smile

Diet is something that’s often pushed for your overall health and wellness. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it impacts your oral health, too. This is especially true because your mouth comes into contact with food first. We’re constantly introducing our teeth to new and different foods and drinks. Some of these are better for our smiles than others.

The worst options for your smile are foods high in starches, sugars, or acids. Starches break down into sugars, which are bacteria’s favorite foods. This is why sugary foods are always touted as things that cause tooth decay. Acids increase the speed at which the enamel on your teeth breaks down. Enamel is the hard outer layer, while the next is much softer. If the enamel isn’t there to protect it, it’s easier for bacteria and decay to work their way into the inner layers of your teeth.

Fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber are some of the best options for your smile. These include things like carrots, apples, celery, and raspberries. They all help to neutralize the acid that’s inside your mouth. Fibrous fruits and vegetables also help increase your saliva production when you chew, as they take more effort to break down. Saliva is essential for removing food debris and bacteria from your teeth.

Dairy products are high in calcium and phosphorus, two very important things for your smile. Both of these minerals help strengthen your teeth. Healthy whole grains contain essential B vitamins. Foods high in Vitamin A help produce more saliva, and foods rich in Vitamin C help build strong and healthy soft tissues in your mouth.

Lastly, black and green teas are high in various antioxidants. Certain antioxidants help control inflammation and ensure your mouth is healthy. Other antioxidants help prevent cavities from forming in your teeth.

Commonly Asked Questions

General dentistry is about maintaining the health and wellness of your smile. Learn more by reading the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Do you provide custom treatment plans?

Yes! you can also expect dental care personalized to your unique oral health needs at Signature Dentistry by Dr. Jacob Grapevine. Our team works with every patient one-on-one to evaluate their unique risk factors for common dental concerns. Thus, helping you maintain a healthy smile between dental visits.

What are my options to repair a cracked or broken tooth?

Various cosmetic and restorative options exist for those with cracked and broken teeth. Cosmetic bonding can fix a chipped tooth in a single visit. Dental crowns fix broken teeth with a seamless and unnoticeable restoration. We offer many cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to repair cracked and broken teeth.

How often should I have a dental exam and cleaning?

Visit your dentist for a routine dental exam at least twice a year. Many dental insurance plans cover the cost of two exams per year. Teeth cleanings should also follow this schedule. There are not that many exceptions for missing one exam a year.