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At the Plano, TX dental office of Dr. Jacob Grapevine, patient safety comes first, which is why we provide medical-grade air filtration and automated instrument washers to keep our office and dental tools clean. Cleaner indoor air and sterilized dental instruments help prevent the spread of viruses. Our office has a high standard of cleanliness in order to keep our staff and patients safe. Dr. Grapevine is one of very few Dallas area dentists who has received a Certificate of Excellence for Infection Control and Prevention as well as Patient Safety.

We use a third party compliance company for inspections for HIPAA and OSHA. 

What does this mean for our dental office? It means that we have had our office inspected as well as our equipment and water lines tested regularly. You can learn more about our cleanliness standards in this document: Our Infection Control Standards.

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Surgically Clean Air Filtration

Our office has air filtration devices that help clean airborne toxins, molds, and germs. Virus concentration is higher indoors, and disease can spread quickly through indoor air. Surgically Clean Air filters use a 6-stage filtration system, offer a sound dampening design, and provide a large capacity for airflow. By using this type of filtration system, our office is able to give our patients and staff a healthier environment.

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Learn more about the Surgically Clean Air Company and what air filters do to decrease viruses from spreading below:


HYDRIM Automated Instrument Washers do a better job of cleaning dental instruments than by washing them by hand. Using this device not only benefits dentists as they do not have to clean sharp instruments by hand but also benefits patients in that they are receiving dental care using clean and ultimately sanitized instruments.

After the dental instruments are cleaned in the HYDRIM, they will be sanitized. Each individual tool is receiving equal care that kills bacteria. This efficient and safe cleaning method is used by our dental team to ensure the cleanliness of the tools used in dental treatments.

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If you are looking for a dental office that provides high standards of safety and cleanliness, call Dr. Grapevine’s Plano, TX dental office today at (972) 268-6480. If you have any questions about our dental treatments or the technology we use in-office, feel free to ask a member of our staff. They will be happy to assist you.