Meet Our Dentist in Plano, TX Dr. Jacob Grapevine, D.D.S.

Meet Our Dentist in Plano, TX: Dr. Jacob Grapevine, D.D.S.

Growing up, I was blessed to have both a great dentist and an orthodontist. In the summers, I was allowed to volunteer at the dental office, and this even lead to a summer job at the office. These moments were valuable and helped me decide to pursue dentistry for a career. I attended Texas A&M University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a minor in business.

From there, I attended the #1 dental school in the country at The University of Texas at San Antonio Health Science Center. Once I obtained my DDS degree, I attended Baylor College of Dentistry to acquire an elective degree in Advanced Education in General Dentistry.

This prepared me for a private dental practice with advanced dental training and techniques. I was selected for a rare opportunity to join a dental practice in Plano, Texas from one of the first dentist in Plano.

After practicing as an associate, I purchased the dental practice and continued to carry on the legacy and develop relationships with the patients. I shared time between the private practice and a local dental clinic for underserved families needing dental care in Plano, TX. The more time I served at the dental practice, I noticed more and more of our patients needing root canal treatment due to cracked teeth, broken teeth, worn teeth, teeth clenching/grinding, and experiencing TMJ problems.

Then, my wife cracked a tooth and needed a root canal and crown. This happened on our six year wedding anniversary. Giving your wife a root canal is not the way to spend an anniversary! I decided to extend my training for root canal treatment to care for my patients and signed up for an educational course focused on root canal therapy.

The course was canceled the day before due to a lack of attendance, and I was placed in a different course that was available. I didn’t know what the course was about but decided to attend anyway. Little did I know this class would change the direction of my dental career.

The course was focused on how to correct and treat patients with worn teeth, clenching/grinding issues, bite problems, gum recession, TMJ issues, and how to control/reduce cracking teeth and bite problems. It opened my eyes to a better, more conservative way to treat these problems and not just treat the symptoms while watching the issues progressively become worse. This led me to pursue further training and experience to provide the best service for my patient’s needs.

I was so excited to be able to answer my patients’ problems and have solutions instead of just treating issues.

My patients and my wife have since enjoyed overall better dental health. I continued to pursue more training and earned a certificate from The Dawson Academy for Complete Care. I am in ongoing training with like-mineded doctors in weekly study clubs that include Dentistry Optimal Model, Invisalign, cosmetic training courses through Cosmedent Composite Training.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Texas A&M University
  • DDS from San Antonio Health Science Center
  • AEGD (Advanced Education in General Dentistry) from Baylor College of Dentistry
  • Dawson Academy – advanced training in comprehensive dentistry with focus and additional training for TMJ and bite correction issues. This requires over 40 hours of continuing education and additional hours of training to receive certification.
  • Dentistry Optimal Model – advanced ongoing training in long-lasting minimally invasive biocompatible dental and cosmetic treatment. This is an elite training process with fewer than 1000 dentist in the world who have advanced to this level.
  • TMJ – advanced training from Dawson Academy and Dentistry Optimal Model for evaluating, diagnosing and treating TMJ problems.
  • Airway issues – continuing education training for diagnosing and treating airway issues
  • Invisalign coaching – advanced training process to treat simple to complex cases with success. This is an ongoing training program that Dr. Grapevine has elected to pursue for treating Invisalign cases with predictability, timely completion and satisfying outcomes.
  • Cosmedent Composite Training for Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatment. Using composite bonding to create life like cosmetic treatment with minimal to no tooth reduction, no injections and 1 day treatment.
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Dental Academy
  • Texas Dental Academy
  • Bioclear Certified

We proudly support the following:

  • Wounded Warrior – helping support our Veterans
  • Operation Kindness – helping support abandoned animals
  • World Vision organization – adoption of a child in need in Africa for food, clothing and education
  • Elevate Life Church ministries and missions – supporting missionaries across the world and local families in need.
  • KCM ministries and missions – supporting the spread of the Gospel of good news of Jesus Christ and missionaries across the world.
  • JSMI missions and ministries – ministry to transform lives of individuals and families spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.

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