Complete Dentistry Plano, TX

Dr. Grapevine practices the concept of Complete Dentistry, which emphasizes an individualized and comprehensive approach to a patient’s dental care. This begins with prevention and early intervention. Complete Dentistry, the core principles of the Dawson Academy, focuses on a thorough evaluation of all aspects of the occlusal system, from teeth to jaw joints.

Optimal oral health and an aesthetically pleasing smile are the results of an occlusal system that is functioning harmoniously. In other words, a beautiful smile is a functional smile. Dr. Grapevine’s dental office is conveniently located in Plano, TX, and serves the entire North Dallas region. Complete Dentistry is one of our general dentistry services.

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What is Complete Dentistry?

Complete dentistry is an absolutely necessary concept in modern dentistry. Contrary to what you might think, this does not mean “drill and fill” every tooth. Complete Dentistry training through the Dawson Academy has taught Dr. Grapevine to identify the signs of underlying functional problems before any symptoms or damage occurs. This way, Dr. Grapevine can focus on conservative treatments that will deliver stable, long-lasting results.

Our dentist in Plano, TX has in-depth knowledge of how the entire masticatory system works in harmony together. When you visit him, he will analyze everything- your gums, bone, muscles, TMJ joints, bite, and teeth. This way, he can see the big picture of what is going on with your oral health, not just one aspect.

He will be able to pinpoint what part of the big picture is not functioning correctly. From here, that piece of the puzzle is addressed in the most predictable and least invasive way. Being able to identify where the breakdown takes place before it causes the patient painful or damaging symptoms allows Dr. Grapevine to provide the best possible dental care.

Dental Treatments in Plano, TX

Finding the root cause of any problem and addressing it is essential to building a healthy smile. Then, Dr. Grapevine will work on building an aesthetically pleasing smile. This will ensure that the cosmetic work that is performed will last longer. Essentially, we will build a treatment plan that will result in you having a healthy and beautiful smile.

Complete Dentistry ensures a solid foundation for all dental work from simple preventative care to advanced procedures:

About The Dawson Academy

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As with most professions, there is a range of skill levels among dentists based on the type of advanced education, training, and philosophy of patient care. Dr. Grapevine strives to stay on the leading edge of dentistry and has completed hundreds of hours in continuing education, most recently with the Dawson Academy.

The Dawson Academy is an advanced dental education facility where dentists teach dentists to be better dentists. The Concept of Complete Dentistry was introduced by Dr. Peter Dawson, founder of the Dawson Academy. His philosophy is that patients should be given a healthy, beautiful smile that will function properly and serve them comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Some of the world’s leading dentists teach hands-on courses in Complete Dentistry at the Dawson Academy, demonstrating the importance of early diagnosis and proper treatment planning.