What to Know About All-On-Four Dentures

If you have a full arch of missing teeth or have been considering dentures, you may benefit from All-On-Four. This restorative dental treatment can replace a full arch of missing teeth in just one dental office visit. Implant-secured dentures improve the health and stability of the jawbone as well as the natural appearance of the smile. All-On-Four dentures do not require adhesives, allowing patients to eat, drink, speak, and smile normally. Dr. Jacob Grapevine provides All-On-Four dentures to patients in Plano, TX. He can secure a full arch of teeth with as few as four dental implants.

All On Four in Plano, Texas

Why Should You Restore Your Smile?

Missing teeth are not just a cosmetic problem. Even if patients have one missing tooth, their oral health can be at risk. Patients who have already lost a tooth or teeth due to a severe dental infection are at risk of losing more teeth if they do not receive the proper dental care. Missing teeth also can make it harder to evenly bite, comfortably chew, and speak clearly. With dental restorations, patients are able to live their lives comfortably.

How Do Implant-Secured Dentures Work?

Traditional dentures are designed to replace a full arch of missing teeth. However, they often use messy adhesives and require maintenance at routine dental appointments. With implant-secured dentures, four or more dental implants are used to secure a full upper or lower arch of teeth. The dental implants fuse to the jaw bone and become a permanent part of your smile. 

Dr. Grapevine coordinates with a local oral surgeon for the implant placement procedure. Although All-On-Four dentures require detailed treatment planning, the actual restoration only takes one office visit. Dr. Grapevine can attach a temporary restoration to the dental implants until your permanent restoration is ready after the procedure.

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Do you want a fuller smile? Call Dr. Grapevine for a dental implant consultation at (972) 268-6480. You can also request an appointment online. Want to know more about dental implants? Feel free to ask Dr. Grapevine any remaining questions you may have about dentures, All-On-Four, or other dental restorations. He will be happy to help.