Putting Patient Safety First with Office Technology

With the current coronavirus crisis, we want to inform our patients of how we keep our dental office clean. Dr. Jacob Grapevine has always held a high standard of cleanliness in order to keep his staff and patients safe. Cleaner indoor air and sterilized dental instruments help prevent the spread of viruses. Here are some of the technologies our office uses to ensure that you receive safe and sterile dental care:

Air Filtration Dentist in Plano Texas

Surgically Clean Air Filters

Our office utilizes air filtration devices that help keep the air circulating in our office fresh and clean. We know that virus concentration is higher indoors, and disease can spread quickly through indoor air. With our 6-stage filtration system,  Surgically Clean Air Filters remove odors, gases, mold, allergens, and viruses. By using this type of filtration system, our office is able to give our patients and staff a healthier environment with improved air quality. Our air filtration devices are quiet as well, so they do not disturb our patients or staff. You notice the difference in air quality as soon as you walk into our office.

Automated Instrument Washers

HYDRIM Automated Instrument Washers do a better job of cleaning dental instruments than we could if we washed them by hand. These instrument washers prevent the occurrence and spread of infections for staff and patients alike. Using this device not only benefits our hygienists as they do not have to clean sharp instruments by hand but also benefits patients in that they are receiving dental care using clean and ultimately sanitized instruments. This is only the first step in the sterilization process. Following being cleaned, they will then be sanitized before use again. This efficient and safe cleaning method is used by our dental team to ensure the cleanliness of the tools used in dental treatments.

Certificate of Excellence

Our office received a certificate of excellence in infection control, prevention, and patient safety from the premier Dental Infection Control Consulting firm in the country. We received this award because we have had our office inspected as well as our equipment and water lines tested regularly. Our dental team wants to assure you that we maintain infection control standards more stringent than the recommendations made by the CDC. To receive this award, our staff had to undergo additional training on emerging infection control concerns including those related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We want you to know that we are prepared to provide you safe dental care. Your safety is our priority, and it always has been. After completing the Dental Office Infection Control Certification program, we are confident as ever in our ability to provide for you safe and competent care.

At this time, we are only seeing patients dealing with dental emergencies. However, we look forward to seeing all of our patients soon and providing high-quality dental care. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone at 972-596-3702, email us at info@drgrapevinedds.com or text us at 210-778-4800. You can read our patient health & safety statement here.