Dr. Jacob Grapevine Reviews

Dr. Jacob Grapevine has continued to provide compassionate and safe dental care to his patients. His patients have provided reviews for his Plano, TX dental office. Read about the experience that Dr. Grapevine and his professional team provide to all of their patients below. Contact Dr. Grapevine by calling (972) 268-6480. You may also schedule an appointment on our website.

Dental Patient Reviews in Plano, Texas

2021 Patient Reviews

“I’ve been going to Dr. Grapevine’s office for years and have always had a wonderful experience. The hygienists are personable, thorough, and have a gentle touch. They take a genuine interest in caring for each of their patients, and the office feels like family. Dr. Grapevine is kind, patient, and always takes the time to listen to my questions or concerns. I’ve had a few minor procedures done over the years, and he is always meticulous in his work and ensures the issue is fully corrected. Highly recommend!”

-T. Donnell


“I recently had to have quite a lot of dental work done that required weekly appointments for the course of several months. I am extremely pleased with my results and felt that Dr. Grapevine always took the time to explain everything involved in my treatment along the way. The staff is really friendly and the office was always clean and professionally run. I highly recommend checking them out for your dental needs!”

-R. Greve


“This was my first time getting work done by Dr. Grapevine. I was welcomed by a wonderful, friendly staff, and immediately felt at home and comfortable. I haven’t been to a dentist in over a decade and I was a little nervous. Dr. Grapevine and his staff made me feel safe and eased my nerves with humor and kindness.

I had orthodontic frontal gaps at the base of my gums between my front and side teeth due to braces in middle school. For almost 2 decades people would mistake those gaps as food in my teeth. Rather embarrassing. Dr. Grapevine went above and beyond in filling the gaps as well as whitening my teeth, and lengthening my teeth that appeared too short.

I’m AMAZED by the results and feel like a new person! My teeth are so shiny, smooth, feminine, and beautiful now! Dr. Grapevine and his assistant, Stormy, made sure I was comfortable and checked on me throughout the process to make sure I was doing okay – they even put a warm blanket on me which made me so relaxed.

Very pleased with the results and would absolutely recommend Dr. Grapevine to all my friends and family members and plan to do more work in the future with him. So grateful for this incredible team!”

-A. Decker