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The dentist office of Dr. Jacob Grapevine is conveniently located in the North Dallas metro area and is currently accepting new patients from Allen, TX. We are equipped to handle treatments ranging from general dental care to advanced treatments for complex dental issues. Helping our patients obtain healthy smiles and then maintaining them is our only goal. Our complete menu of dental treatments allows us to meet almost every oral health need.

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We Welcome Patients Of All Ages

We pride ourselves on being a family dentist office, offering treatments to patients of all ages including children. We recommend that parents and caregivers bring in children for their first visit by age 3 when most of their primary teeth have emerged. Our caring staff understands that these first few visits may be frightening for some children. Fortunately, we are experienced to handle this. Our best advice is to start bringing children to the dentist for regular visits early on in their life. This minimizes anxiety and gets the child used to a dentist office setting. Doing this also allows Dr. Grapevine to monitor your child’s teeth and prevent potential dental problems.

The Importance of Routine Dental Care

We recommend all patients visit our office at least every six months. These bi-annual visits are very important for your oral health and your overall health. Dr. Grapevine practices the concept of Complete Dentistry at his Allen, TX area dentist office. This means he focuses on all aspects of the occlusal system, from teeth to jaw joints. The goal is to have your entire occlusal system (your gums, bone, muscles, TMJ joints, bite, and your teeth) working properly in harmony, not just your teeth. To achieve this, at your regular check-ups we will look for early signs of tooth decay, instability in the function of the bite, and signs of gum disease. We will also thoroughly clean your teeth to remove built-up plaque.

Dr. Grapevine’s goals are to intervene as soon as a problem is discovered when treatment is most conservative and to prevent all dental problems. In following these practices, we can help you avoid many complex dental issues. To help with this prevention and early intervention concept, we offer many dental treatments and services including:

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

A member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Grapevine also cares about the aesthetics of your smile. Once you achieve a healthy smile, he can help you make it a gorgeous one too! With so many options available in cosmetic dentistry, we can fix almost any cosmetic concerns you have with your smile. Dr. Grapevine will meet with you where you can discuss the issues you have with your smile. He can then design a custom treatment plan to help you achieve your goals. Some of the cosmetic dentistry treatments he may recommend include:

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Dr. Grapevine offers comprehensive dental care for children and adults, serving patients in Plano and surrounding areas including Allen, Frisco and McKinney. Our dental office is conveniently located in Plano, about 20 minutes from Allen with easy access from US-75. We are accepting new patients, call (972) 449-5759 or request an appointment online.