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Finding the best dentist for your family isn’t always easy. Dr. Jacob Grapevine is a highly qualified dentist who provides excellent dental care for every member of your family. He is committed to helping patients achieve their oral health goals. More than just a general dentist, Dr. Grapevine also provides many restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. To ensure the best possible results, every treatment is gear towards and customized for each patient. Dr. Grapevine is very proud of his dentist office staff that enjoys taking care patients and offers excellent customer service. Our family friendly dentist office is currently accepting new patients from McKinney, TX and surrounding areas.

The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

As your primary dental care provider, Dr. Grapevine is responsible for making sure you have optimal oral health. We recommend visiting our dentist office every six months for a check up and teeth cleaning. There are a few very important reasons a dentist needs to see patients this often.

It is very important to have a dental professional remove the buildup of plaque and tartar from your teeth. Even patients with the best oral care habits have plaque hiding in places where brushing and flossing cannot reach. At your bi-annual visit, this plaque and tartar is removed from your teeth and gum line. This will prevent the development of dental concerns.

The other reason is to discover dental problems in their earliest stages where treatment is easier and more conservative. When patients skip their dental checkups, the plaque will build up and can easily lead to gum disease or tooth decay that will progress if left untreated. Dr. Grapevine will perform an examination to inspect your teeth, gums, oral cavity and bite.

We offer many treatments and services to help our patients achieve optimal oral health including:

Restorative Dentistry Services

Dr. Grapevine is a dentist who believes in the concept of complete dentistry. This means after evaluating your entire mouth, he will recommend the ideal treatments to get the jaw joints, muscles, and teeth working with each other. Dr. Grapevine offers many restorative dentistry treatments to help correct almost any dental problem to help your mouth function properly again and avoid further complications. Our McKinney, TX area dentist office offers the following restorative dentistry treatments to help patients restore their oral health:

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

In addition to restoring and maintaining the health of your smile, Dr. Grapevine also focuses on the aesthetics of your smile. He offers many cosmetic dentistry treatments to help you improve the appearance of your smile. After a consultation, Dr. Grapevine is able to recommend the treatments you need. This may involve one or several of the following cosmetic dental treatments:

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Our dental office is conveniently located in Plano, TX, between Dallas and McKinney off the President George Bush Turnpike. Patients seek out Dr. Grapevine because of his training in cosmetic dentistry and TMJ disorders, as well as the experience of his staff and modern technology in his dental office.