Cosmetic Dentist Dallas, TX

Growing in both popularity and effectiveness, cosmetic dentistry treatments have improved in quality in recent years. With advancements in technology and material, cosmetic dentists now offer patients treatment options that can both improve overall dental health and the aesthetics of their smile. Keep in mind that many cosmetic dental concerns are also dental health concerns.

Dallas cosmetic dentist Dr. Jacob Grapevine offers cosmetic dental procedures for addressing missing teeth, dental anxiety, crooked teeth and many other common concerns affecting the aesthetics and health of your smile. Our cosmetic treatments include:

Straighten Your Smile in Dallas, TX

Our smiles are often the first thing new people notice. Having a healthy and vibrant smile can build confidence, helping you succeed both socially and professionally. Dr. Grapevine is highly trained in Invisalign and Smart Moves, two effective and discreet ways to adjust minor to moderate alignment concerns.

These invisible braces are treatment options for teens and adults that can gently reposition the teeth and restore a healthy bite. Easily removable and made of a soft comfortable material, both Smart Moves and Invisalign reduce irritation of the mouth, while working effectively to straighten teeth.

Dallas Complete Dentistry

Dr. Grapevine works with patients who have cosmetic concerns on an individual basis. Using the Dawson Academy philosophy of complete dentistry, Dr. Grapevine takes time to evaluate all aspects of dental health to ensure lasting results. Complete dentistry includes not just the teeth and the gums, but the function of the jaw joints. Dr. Grapevine has advanced training with complex dental concerns such as TMJ. An underlying bite problem can be the cause of many dental concerns, and can compromise the integrity of your results if not addressed as part of your treatment plan.

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