Will Teeth Whitening Help Me?

Many people desire a pearly white smile. So if you see stains, yellowing, dullness, or other discoloration in your teeth, you might feel unhappy about the way your smile appears. This could lead to a decline in your overall confidence.

Professional teeth whitening lifts stubborn stains from your smile. But not all types of discoloration will respond to this type of cosmetic dental treatment.  

Talk to your dentist about your aesthetic goals, especially in regard to tooth color, and they will determine a personalized smile enhancement plan for you. Read on to learn more about professional teeth whitening to know if this dental solution will achieve your specific smile aesthetic goals.

Will Teeth Whitening Help Me

How Does Professional Whitening Treatment Work?

Professional teeth whitening uses special bleaching gel that lifts stains in your tooth enamel that can easily scrub away, leaving your smile brighter. With the in-office treatment, a dentist applies the gel and activates the bleaching agents with targeted, concentrated LED light. You can see instant results in one appointment with this precise and gentle method.

The dentist can also provide a take-home option to whiten your teeth. They make custom trays with this gel inside. Then you wear them as directed to gradually brighten your tooth color.

Both options allow for a safe application of the product that minimizes potential side effects like gum irritation or tooth sensitivity. And a dentist’s supervision also ensures more personalized results that will look both gorgeous and natural in your smile. Over-the-counter products can offer these same benefits.

What Kinds of Dental Stains Will Professional Whitening Fix?

Your usual oral hygiene regimen can brush away some surface stains. But you can form discoloration in the deeper layers of your tooth enamel. Teeth brushing will not reach extrinsic stains that sit within the enamel.

But the bleaching agents in teeth whitening will access these stains to lift and remove them and give you a brighter smile. Extrinsic stains commonly occur when you consume substances that contain staining agents. Examples include red wine, coffee, and tobacco products.

But these are not the only forms of dental discoloration. You could also develop intrinsic stains even deeper toward the center of your teeth. Aging and medication side effects can create these stains, and teeth whitening will not penetrate to treat this type of discoloration.

How Can My Dentist Brighten More Stubborn Tooth Discoloration?

Professional teeth whitening cannot get rid of all cases of dental discoloration. But for stubborn intrinsic tooth stains, your dentist can offer other forms of cosmetic dental work that will give you a whiter smile.

Cosmetic tooth bonding employs composite resin to cover dental stains. The dentist cures the resin to harden it into place so that your smile looks more even and brighter. Take precautions with this treatment as the bonding might stain if you are not careful.

A dentist might also recommend porcelain veneers to brighten your smile. These custom-made shells attach to the front of your teeth to build a whiter and straighter smile according to your unique aesthetic goals. Find the optimal treatment for your needs by scheduling an appointment today.