Why Fix Bite Problems?

Crooked teeth or misaligned jaws can develop for a number of reasons, including genetics or other factors outside of a patient’s control. However, your dentist can evaluate your dental structure and provide treatment to straighten your teeth and amend bite problems.

When you have an irregular bite due to misaligned teeth or jaw, you distribute unequal pressure throughout your mouth which can lead to several concerns for your oral health. You can feel more encouraged to seek teeth-straightening dental treatments when you discover the risks alignment concerns can pose for your smile. Read on to learn about three dental problems that may arise if you do not address issues with your bite.

prevent dental damage by aligning your smile

Oral Health Risks from Bite Problems

Tooth Breakage

Your teeth grind and tear into food regularly throughout the day without issue. But if you have an irregular bite due to misalignments in your smile, you might perform oral functions at a bad angle. This could generate abnormal pressure on the teeth that may result in a dental injury.

You could accidentally crack, chip, or fracture a tooth this way. This tooth breakage will disrupt the look of your smile and could leave you in pain. Even if you do not feel pain in your tooth, you should still call your dentist about this issue.

The crack or chip will worsen if you do not seek urgent dental treatment. This will leave the tooth vulnerable to plaque and other harmful particles that could lead to further oral health complications.

You can reduce your risk of this dental injury by amending bite problems. Then you can feel confident that your teeth can bite and chew without posing a danger to your smile.

Damaged Dental Work

Not only will a misaligned bite harm your dental structure. It can also lead to damage to your existing dental work. Crooked teeth may wear down a dental filling, crown, or veneer faster than those with straight smiles.

This gradual type of harm to your dental work will mean you need to see your dentist for repairs or replacements more frequently. Ignoring damage to your dental work will mean your affected teeth will be at risk of other dental concerns. Loose or damaged dental fixtures will expose vulnerable parts of your teeth to these dangers.

Save time and money by fixing your dental alignment issues so that you do not sustain this damage to your dental work. You can preserve the look and feel of your smile with this solution.

Chronic Jaw Pain

The pressure from an improper bite will extend beyond your teeth and other dental work. It will reach the jawbone and the surrounding muscles to create tension that can result in chronic pain in the jaw. This will worsen to affect the movement capabilities and develop into temporomandibular joint disorders, also known as TMJ.

TMJ can be very disruptive, and you will need therapy from your dentist to relieve these uncomfortable symptoms. But you can protect your jaw by avoiding tension in the first place when you fix bite problems that stem from crooked teeth. Consult your dentist today to learn more.