Invisalign Can Straighten Your Teeth

Crooked teeth may cause social embarrassment but they may also be the cause of many dental health concerns. If your teeth are not properly aligned you could be at risk of developing TMJ or damage your teeth. Dr. Jacob Grapevine of Plano, TX offers Invisalign as a clear way to address cosmetic and health concerns related to crooked teeth.

Dr. Grapevine will custom fit a series of plastic aligners that will gradually work towards the realignment of your teeth. Each set of aligners will be designed to slowly shift your teeth. Invisalign is ideal for teens and adults experiencing mild orthodontic concerns or orthodontic relapse.

Benefits Of Invisalign

  • They are removable: With traditional braces it is common to develop tooth decay or discoloration. With Invisalign, your custom fit aligners are easily removable. You can clean both the aligner and your teeth with regular brushing and flossing. All though it is recommended to wear your aligners most of the day if you have a special occasion to attend during your treatment they can be removed.

  • They are comfortable: Made from a soft-hard plastic, Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear. Your custom aligners are designed to gradually shift your teeth so there is no tightening like metal braces. The smooth soft plastic will not cause harm to your soft tissues or damage your teeth.
  • They can increase confidence: Essentially invisible, clear braces are a discreet orthodontic treatment option. Adults who have never had braces in their youth or who are experiencing orthodontic relapse may feel embarrassed by the thought of wearing metal braces. Invisalign makes it possible to achieve your desired smile aesthetics with out the stigma of metal braces. Many people will not even notice you are wearing the aligners so you can continue to conduct normal social and professional interactions with confidence.

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