Complete Dentistry For Your Oral Health

Complete dentistry is a holistic approach to practicing dental care. Complete Dentistry addresses each patient as a whole. Complete dentistry emphasizes the use of conservative dental treatments for a healthy oral foundation that promotes a patient’s well being. Plano, TX dentist Dr. Grapevine learned complete dentistry through his advanced training at The Dawson Academy. Highly trained and compassionate dentist Dr. Grapevine is proud to offer his patients in the North Dallas regions Complete Dentistry.

At our Plano, TX dentist office our dental care team strives to offer each patient individualized and conservative dental care that will allow them to enjoy their optimal oral health. Dr. Grapevine will take the time to address your oral health concerns and cosmetic goals so that he can offer appropriate treatments to build you a healthy, functional and comfortable smile.

Preventive Dental Care Plano, TX

The first step in Complete Dentistry is each patient’s dedication to their daily oral hygiene routine. Preventive dental care through proper and regular brushing and flossing can deter a whole range of complex dental health concerns. Ask Dr. Grapevine for tips and tricks on the best brushing and flossing techniques at your next visit to our Plano dentist office.

Make sure you schedule professional dental cleanings and dental checkups at least twice a year. Preventative dental check ups can help Dr. Grapevine diagnose any developing oral health concerns early. Early diagnosis of complex dental problems can be life saving. Oral cancer and periodontal disease may be able to be conservatively treated if caught in the earliest stages.

Plano, TX Dentist Office Visit

During each dentist visit with Dr. Grapevine you will receive one-on-one attentive and quality dental care. Our dental care team will take the time to address any concerns you may have and answer your questions about treatment options. As a part of our promise to offer Complete Dentistry to each patient, our dental team will spend time educating you on any required treatment processes. We will help you to understand how they will benefit your well being and explain if any further maintenance or care is required.

Schedule your appointment at our Plano dentist office to find out how to achieve your best oral health. Dr. Grapevine and our compassionate oral health care team will help you build a healthy oral foundation for a beautiful and functional smile.