Root Canals Plano, TX

The term root canal refers to the natural cavity at the center of the tooth. Inside the root canal, is soft tissue and the tooth’s nerve. If the tooth becomes damaged, because of decay or trauma, debris and bacteria can enter the root canal, causing infection and pain. Root canals help to save your natural tooth for a more stable oral foundation. An abscessed tooth, crack or a large cavity allows bacteria to enter the root canal.

The root canal procedure is a conservative approach taken to prevent a tooth from being extracted. Dr. Jacob Grapevine performs most root canal procedures in the comfort of our Plano, Texas dental office. There are many benefits to preserving a tooth when possible, and root canal therapy has a success rate of about 95%. For most patients, the root canal procedure provides instant relief from pain and discomfort. Due to advancements in dentistry, the root canal process has become less painful and intrusive. Root canals can often be completed in just a single visit to our office.

What To Expect: Root Canals

The number one concern with the root canal procedure is that it will be painful. In fact, the pain of the damage or infection is far more painful than the procedure itself which is similar in sensation to having a dental filling placed. Most patients are actually relieved of their tooth pain once the root canal procedure is in progress as the infected tissue is removed. The infection of the canal is what causes tooth pain, not the root canal procedure.

Dr. Grapevine will go over all aspects of the root canal procedure with you and discuss options for anesthesia to ensure you are completely comfortable. He will use a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and the area surrounding it. For our patients who suffer from extreme dental anxiety, we will utilize a sedation dentistry method to help them relax.

When you are comfortable, Dr. Grapevine will make a small hole in the backside of the tooth. He will use this to remove the infected pulp, nerve tissue, and bacteria from the pulp chamber and root canal with special dental instruments. If tooth decay is present, he will also remove that. Once all this is removed, you will most likely feel relief because any pressure caused by the infected tooth is now gone.

He will then thoroughly clean and polish the tooth and get rid of any excess material. A temporary sealant may be placed over the tooth while the infection is healing. Once the tooth is free of infection, it will be permanently sealed using a dental filling or dental crown. Custom-fit and color-matched to your natural teeth, a dental crown fits around the tooth like a cap and will support the long term health of your tooth. With a proper oral hygiene routine and regular visits to your general dentist, the restored tooth can last a lifetime.

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