Will Whitening Toothpaste Work?

If you notice stains or yellowing in your teeth, you might feel tempted to try a quick fix to whiten the color of your smile. Your local shop sells over-the-counter products, including whitening toothpaste, that promise to brighten your tooth color. These tools can work, but not in every case of dental discoloration.

Your dentist can offer optimal smile enhancement solutions to whiten your teeth according to your specific aesthetic goals and oral health needs. While you can try whitening toothpaste, you might not see the results that you desire. Read on to learn more about how whitening toothpaste functions and why you should visit your cosmetic dentist if you want to brighten your smile.

Will Whitening Toothpaste Work

What Does Traditional Toothpaste Do?

Toothpaste is a gel you apply to your toothbrush as part of your oral hygiene routine. It contains abrasive ingredients so that when you brush your teeth, you improve the scrubbing capability of the activity. Then you can better remove plaque and other residues that naturally accrue on your teeth throughout the day.

Traditional toothpaste can get rid of some surface stains on your teeth. But most dental discoloration develops deeper in the enamel which your toothbrush cannot reach. So you will need specified whitening solutions if you want to get rid of dental stains beyond your usual oral hygiene regimen.

How Does Whitening Toothpaste Brighten My Smile?

You can use whitening toothpaste during your regular oral hygiene routine to brighten your tooth color. It contains bleaching agents that absorb into the tooth enamel and lift extrinsic dental stains. Then the discoloration can easily be brushed away during your oral hygiene regimen.

Make sure you choose a brand of whitening toothpaste that features the ADA seal to ensure you use a product guaranteed to work. Use the toothpaste as directed to achieve optimal results. However, you should note that whitening toothpaste will not work on all types of stains, so consult with your dentist before introducing this product to your routine.

Why Does Professional Teeth Whitening Offers the Best Results?

While bleaching agents can help you get rid of stains on your teeth, whitening toothpaste alone will not work on all forms of dental discoloration. This product employs a one-size-fits-all approach. This may mean that you cannot reach all the stains on your smile to achieve a bright, even finish.

Your dentist can offer professional teeth whitening services that can provide better results than a store-bought product. In-office teeth whitening involves applying bleaching gel to the teeth and then using concentrated light to activate ingredients and brighten your tooth color. Expert application of this treatment ensures a natural-looking, gorgeous look that you can feel proud to show off.

The dentist can also give you take-home teeth whitening kits. They feature custom-made trays filled with bleaching gel that will gradually brighten your smile when worn as directed. The personalized approach to smile enhancement ensures an even finish without uncomfortable side effects.

Visiting your dentist for this treatment also allows them to recommend whitening solutions that suit your unique dental structure. They may see that you would benefit more from alternative cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers. Schedule your cosmetic dental consultation today.