Dental Capabilities of Bioclear

Worried about introducing fixed dental caps to your smile? Whether you want to improve the appearance of your teeth or treat damaged teeth, you may seek a way to achieve your oral health goals without pursuing a dental treatment that will harm your natural teeth.

Bioclear refers to a type of composite resin-based dental solution that a dentist can apply to a tooth for cosmetic and restorative purposes. It requires less preparation for an underlying tooth, ensuring you can enhance your smile without permanently altering your dental structure.

You can feel more confident pursuing this treatment when you know about some of the benefits it can bring to your smile. Read on to learn about three of the many oral health advantages you will notice when you choose Bioclear composite resin dental treatment.

Dental Capabilities of Bioclear

Close Food Traps

Have you noticed that food is frequently stuck in your teeth after a meal? This annoyance can actually pose a threat to your oral health. Trapped food will begin to decay as it lingers in the mouth. This process feeds bacteria that can then eat away at your dental structure.

Weakened teeth will be susceptible to tooth decay, and you cannot regrow this lost enamel. Protect your smile by fixing food traps, or gaps or alignment concerns that allow bits of food to easily get trapped between teeth.

Bioclear can be the optimal way to get rid of a food trap. The dentist will apply the resin to close gaps, especially tricky ones like black triangles. The material molds to the desired shape and then hardens into place for lasting results.

You can look forward to a fast procedure that will not be painful or cause damage to your surrounding teeth. Then you can see improved oral hygiene and dental health as a result.

Replace Damaged Dental Work

Do you have old dental fillings that seem loose in your teeth? Fillings will not last forever and will eventually need replacement. Dentists used to use metal alloys for this cavity treatment, which appeared harsh in your smile.

Bioclear uses tooth-colored resin which will blend in with your smile for an improved aesthetic than your old fillings. Plus, the resin will harden to create a seal that protects the vulnerable part of your tooth from damage like your filling did.

Bioclear can replace other types of dental work too for lasting results that will not impact your dental structure. Ask your dentist how Bioclear can replace bonding, veneers, or crowns.

Smile Aesthetic Enhancement

If you want an affordable and effective way to enhance the appearance of your teeth, Bioclear may be the treatment for you. The tooth-colored resin can cover dental stains, reshape irregular teeth, and make crooked teeth look straighter. The moldable material makes this an ideal way to get unique and highly attuned results that suit your specific aesthetic goals.

Bioclear can stay on your smile for about ten years with proper care and maintenance. Learn more about the cosmetic dental benefits of this procedure by scheduling a consultation with your dentist.