Help Your Child Go Back to School With a Healthy Smile

family dentist in Plano TexasParents are singing and kids are grinning, which means it’s back-to-school time! As you go down your to-do list before classes are back in session of school supply shopping and planning school lunches, make sure a visit to the offices of Jacob Grapevine DDS in Plano TX is on the list too!

While a dentist visit may not seem as urgent as squeezing in those last few fun-filled days at the pool before school starts, your child’s oral health is just as important as some last-minute R&R. Dr. Jacob Grapevine is here to offer some tips on how to prevent cavities throughout the entire school year.

Did you know among children aged 5-9 over half have already had at least one cavity? You can help your child from becoming another statistic by reminding your child to brush their teeth for at least 2 minutes twice daily. The “2 X 2 rule” is easy to remember and is important for kids to follow to keep their teeth clean and build healthy habits from a young age. It’s good advice for parents too!

Dr. Grapevine takes the time to show our younger patients how to brush and floss effectively to help your child keep their teeth healthy so they can last the rest of their lives.

Parents can also contribute to the fight against plaque and cavities by encouraging your children to avoid sugary snacks, including popular sports drinks. Sugar supplies plenty of material for oral bacteria to feed on, and when these bacteria are well-fed, they multiply and build up in the form of sticky plaque. This can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

If your son or daughter is especially prone to cavities or if you struggle with their maintaining a low-sugar diet, you can talk to Dr. Grapevine about the possibility of preventative sealants. This procedure will fill in and smooth over pits and grooves on molar teeth to make them less apt to collect mouth bacteria and reduce the chances of tooth decay forming there. This can be particularly effective if your child has difficulty brushing their back teeth, which many kids do.

Tooth decay is prevalent among school-age children, and every year dental-related issues account for 52 million school hours lost! To prevent cavities and promote good oral health, be sure to include scheduling a dental check-up on your back-to-school to-do list!