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Dr. Grapevine is pleased to offer PerioSciences oral health care products. You can purchase natural toothpaste, whitening strips and other specialized products in our Plano, TX dental office.

What is PerioSciences?

PerioSciences Products Plano TX

PerioSciences products contain powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammation to prevent gum disease, promote saliva production as a natural antibacterial agent and neutralize bad bacteria for fresher breath. In addition, patients can find products that effectively whiten teeth, minimize tooth sensitivity and hydrate dry mouths.

The PerioSciences approach is to work with the body’s natural defense system: saliva.

Saliva has natural antioxidants and anti-bacterial agents. The antioxidants in PerioSciences products complement the natural antioxidants and anti-bacterial agents in your mouth. When combined, PerioSciences products enhance the salivary system to freshen bad breath, relieve dry mouth and promote whiter, healthier teeth.

PerioSciences Products Plano TXPerioScience Product Focuses
The PerioSciences product suite has four main areas of focus:

  • Whitening
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Dry Mouth
  • Natural Tooth Care

Ask about PerioSciences at your next visit. You can purchase directly from our Plano TX dental office or shop online.