Tooth Extractions Plano TX

Tooth extractions are sometimes a necessary procedure that can help patients restore their oral health. Most dentists will try to preserve a tooth with other procedures such as a root canal or dental filling before they resort to pulling it out. It may be recommended to address severe tooth decay or extreme damage to the tooth. Sometimes pulling teeth is used to address overcrowding of teeth or to address impacted wisdom teeth. If a tooth removal is necessary, in most cases, Dr. Jacob Grapevine can provide this service in the comfort of our Plano, TX dental office.

A tooth extraction is a relatively painless procedure that can be performed in one visit to our office with the use of a local anesthetic. Tooth extraction can cause extreme anxiety in patients. We also offer sedation dentistry for anyone who experiences anxiety or fear of the dentist. Dental sedation is proven to help put patients at ease during their procedure.

Replacing Extracted Teeth

Dr. Grapevine also offers a wide range of restorative dental services to replace missing teeth after your extraction including dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. Dr. Grapevine will work with you to determine the best restoration for you to restore the beauty and function of your smile.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are the most natural solution to missing teeth. A titanium post is surgically implanted into your jaw that will support a dental restoration. Implants are more stable and durable than other teeth replacement options. The dental implant is restored with a dental crown if you are missing a single tooth, with a dental bridge if you are missing several teeth in a row, or with dentures if you are missing a whole row of teeth.

Dental Bridge: This type of dental restoration is used to “bridge” the gap a missing tooth may cause. The bridgework is a series of prosthetic teeth linked together and supported by an anchor on either side of the gap.

Dentures: In extreme cases where an entire row of teeth are extracted, we also offer dentures. Dentures are custom made artificial teeth used to replace missing teeth and some of the gum tissue. They are made in a dental lab with impressions of your mouth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure for young adults in their late teens to early 20’s when the wisdom teeth typically begin to emerge. The third molars, or wisdom teeth, are typically removed while the teeth are still growing in adolescents and young adults. When wisdom teeth erupt, they can cause significant pain and/or crowd other teeth that will detrimentally affect the bite. In some cases, the wisdom teeth can become impacted, causing extreme pain and risk of infection or damage to other teeth. Our family dentist office provides complete wisdom tooth removal services for patients of all ages. We offer consultations to help you determine if you are ready to have yours taken out.

Some wisdom teeth extractions are performed in our Plano dental office; others may be referred to an oral surgeon. Consult with Dr. Grapevine on your specific situation so that we can help you choose the best treatment plan.