Dr. Grapevine is a 2011 preferred provider of Invisalign

Plano, TX dentist Dr. Jacob Grapevine has been recognized as a preferred provider of Invisalign. This designation is awarded to Invisalign providers who have achieved a significant level of Invisalign case experience.

Invisalign is an excellent option for patients who need mild to moderate orthodontic treatment. This “clear braces” system consists of a series of custom made aligners that gently reposition the teeth.

Preferred providers of Invisalign have undergone training at Align Technology, the maker of Invisalign. The focus of training is on the principles and successful treatment techniques as well as the unique software and manufacturing process used by Align to produce the Invisalign system. In addition, Dr. Grapevine had to treated a certain number of patients with the Invisalign system before earning this title.

Invisalign encourages individuals who are interested in Invisalign to look for dentists with the 2011 Invisalign preferred provider designation when they are seeking a provider.

Over 96% of patients surveyed reported being satisfied with their Invisalign treatment. Visit G Family Dentistry at http://www.gfamilydentistry.com/procedures/invisalign.aspx to learn more about Invisalign.

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