5 Reasons You May Suffer From Tooth Sensitivity

484166929 Tooth sensitivity is one of the top dental concerns among patients. Patients who suffer from tooth sensitivity may have a difficult time drinking or eating hot or cold foods, which can make routine task very uncomfortable. Plano dentist Dr. Jacob Grapevine takes the time to listen to each patient and address their dental concerns. Dr. Grapevine will examine your teeth and determine the best solution for you oral needs. It is best to visit our Plano dental office as soon as possible to help relieve your tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooths sensitivity can happen for a number of different reasons. It’s important to identify these causes and take steps to minimize your tooth sensitivity.

(1) You may be eating a lot of acidic foods. Try minimizing the number of acidic foods you’re consuming to protect your tooth enamel.
(2) You may grind your teeth while you sleep. It’s difficult to know whether or not you grind your teeth, which is why it is important to visit Dr. Grapevine. Dr. Grapevine can examine your teeth and identify the signs of teeth grinding and may suggest a mouth guard.
(3) You may have gum disease. Gum disease can affect your gums and teeth, which can lead to tooth sensitivity. Practicing healthy oral hygiene habits and visiting our Plano dental office twice a year can help minimize your chances of developing gum disease.
(4) You may have a cracked or chipped tooth that is exposing a tooth root. An exposed tooth root can cause tooth sensitivity, pain, and discomfort.
(5) Your toothpaste may have whitening properties that are causing your tooth sensitivity. Make sure you check your toothpaste and find out if it is right for you.

Schedule An Appointment

Dr. Grapevine is dedicated to providing patient focused, comprehensive dental care to each of his patients. He proudly serves the Plano, TX area and many surrounding communities, including Dallas, Allen, McKinney and Frisco. If you are looking for an experienced, compassionate dentist, schedule an appointment with Dr. Grapevine. Patients can schedule an appointment online or call 972.596.3702

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3 Reasons You Should Be Flossing

Maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine is imperative to the overall health of your teeth. Most dentists recommend brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. Properly removing bacteria from your mouth and teeth helps keep your smile bright and healthy. It is important to remove plaque before it becomes tartar. Untreated tartar buildup can lead to cavities and even gum disease. Once tartar develops in your mouth, only an experienced dentist like Dr. Jacob Grapevine can thoroughly remove tartar from the teeth. Dr. Grapevine is a trusted general and cosmetic dentist in Plano, TX. He is dedicated to providing caring, patient-oriented dental care in his Plano dental office.

Prevention Dentistry In Plano, TX

Dr. Grapevine recommends patients visit our Plano dental office at least twice a year for a comprehensive exam. During the comprehensive exam, Dr. Grapevince checks the mouth, teeth, and gums for any complex dental issues. During the visit, one of our specially trained dental hygienists will carefully and skillfully clean your teeth. Using specialized tools, we can clean places in your mouth that regular brushing and flossing can not reach. It is important to schedule preventative care visits to catch any complex dental issues early and properly clean your teeth. If you are in need of a comprehensive exam, visit our Plano dental office. We are conveniently located to serve the Dallas, Allen, McKinney and Frisco area.Schedule an appointment online or call 972.268.6480

Why You Should Be Flossing Your Teeth Daily

For years, you’ve heard that flossing should be a part of your oral hygiene routine, but you never really understood why. Well, we have compiled a list of reasons why flossing should be an active part of your daily oral hygiene routine.

  • Flossing helps prevent gum disease. When plaque turns into tartar and sticks to the teeth, it can begin to irritate the gumline. This can lead to the development of gum disease.
  • Flossing can save you money. At home, preventative care is important because it is the foundation of having great oral health. If you don’t have a proper oral hygiene routine, it can lead to complex dental issues which may require a complex dental treatment to help solve the problem.
  • Flossing keeps your breath fresh. Flossing removes layers of bacteria that you can’t see with the naked eye. If you have persistent bad breath, you may want to add flossing to your daily routine

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Family Dentistry

family dentistry plano txPlano, TX family dentist Dr. Jacob Grapevine and our entire dental care team provide a positive, friendly, and educational dental experience for patients of all ages. We find great joy in providing our littlest patients with healthy teeth and gums from the start so they may enjoy a lifetime or oral health.

Visiting The Dentist By Age 1

Dr. Grapevine understands the complexities of childhood oral development. Early life visits to the dentist can help our team track your little one’s development as their teeth emerge. Early visits lay a foundation for your child’s health. X-rays can help us understand how your child’s teeth will emerge allowing us to use conservative dental treatments to ensure a straight, healthy smile down the road.

Bringing your child to the dentist early in life allows them to learn to build a positive dentist-patient relationship making the dentist a place they enjoy instead of fear. Dr. Grapevine will always take the time to gently explain any needed dental procedure and can help to teach your child proper, and fun, oral hygiene techniques.

Dental Services for Kids

While our Plano, TX dentist practice provides a range of dental services for patients of all ages, we offer a few that benefit children as their teeth develop.

Schedule Your Family Dentist Visit

An added bonus of visiting a family dentist is the convenience of being able to bring the whole family. To schedule your next family visit to the dentist contact our Plano, TX office or schedule a visit online.

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How Much Sugar Is In Your Drink?

155823508-700x466It is time to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful spring weather! BBQs, biking, hiking, whatever gets you outside and active makes spring a great time of year. But all that running around and socializing can increase your intake of fruity beverages, sports drinks, and sodas. Plano, TX dentist Dr. Jacob Grapevine reminds patients that sugar-laden liquids can take a toll on your health, specifically your oral health.

Sugar & Your Oral Health

Many patients do not even realize how much sugar is in their beverage. One glass of fruit juice could fulfill your daily recommended sugar intake. So a soda with lunch or a daiquiri with dinner is a lot of sugar. Excessive sugar intake causes weight gain, tooth decay, and enamel erosion. Bacteria feeds on sugar left behind on your teeth. The bacteria consumes the sugar for energy and leaves an acid waste product that can erode your enamel and cause tooth decay. Patients who consume high sugar diets are more likely to experience an increase of tooth cavities.

If you want to try opting out of sugary drinks but still want a little flavor or some bubbles, try plain seltzer water with lemon or make unsweet iced tea with herbal fruit teas. Milk and water are both hydrating and good for your teeth. Milk has calcium and protein that helps strengthen teeth and fluoridated water can help wash away food and sugar particles keeping your mouth cleaner and healthier.

And as always make sure you are brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Oral hygiene is essential, especially if you do choose to indulge in a sugary drink. Bi-annual dental check-ups and professional teeth cleanings can also help maintain your optimal oral health. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy can leave you free to enjoy the warm weather and longer days. Oral health is your health, take care of your teeth so you can continue to share your beautiful and confident smile.

Schedule A Dentist Appoinment

Contact our Plano, TX dentist office to schedule your regular oral health exam. Our dental care team provides personal and comprehensive dentistry for all of your oral health needs. Cosmetic and restorative dentist Dr. Grapevine is highly trained and experienced and provides state of the art modern dentistry from the comfort of his Plano dentist office.

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It Is National Dentist Day!

NDD-posters8Today is our favorite day, it is National Dentist Day! You can help us celebrate by coming to visit Dr. Jacob Grapevine for your oral health exam. Our Plano, TX dentist office promotes oral hygiene and preventative dental care so you can enjoy your optimal oral health for years. And we provide comprehensive general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry for your whole family.

Choosing Dr. Jacob Grapevine Plano, TX

Dr. Grapevine is committed to providing patients with state of the art dental care. With the latest dental technology, Dr. Grapevine offers conservative and personalised dental treatment plans to restore the health of your teeth and gums.

Dr. Grapevine is a member of the American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Dallas County Dental Society, Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and Invisalign Preferred Provider and Seattle Study Club. These associates affiliations help keep Dr. Grapevine up to date with all the advancements in technique and procedure.

Our Patients Say It Best

“Dr. Grapevine is our hero.” Madeline B.

“Best Dentist Experience! G Family Dentistry is the most outstanding dental practice I have ever been to. All of the staff are extremely polite and courteous and the hygienists, assistants, and doctors are wonderful.” Robert D.

“G Family Dentistry makes me feel right at home. They are overwhelmingly nice and remember me every time I visit. I love going to the dentist anyway, but these folks are AMAZING!” Sonja

Schedule Your Dental Consultation Plano, TX

Contact Signature Dentistry for a personal consultation to find out what dental restorations can bring back your beautiful smile. Schedule your appointment at our Plano dentist office and start your journey towards achieving your best oral health. Dr. Grapevine and our compassionate oral health care team will help you build a healthy oral foundation for a beautiful and functional smile.

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Invisalign Can Straighten Your Teeth

invisalignCrooked teeth may cause social embarrassment but they may also be the cause of many dental health concerns. If your teeth are not properly aligned you could be at risk of developing TMJ or damage your teeth. Dr. Jacob Grapevine of Plano, TX offers Invisalign as a clear way to address cosmetic and health concerns related to crooked teeth.

Dr. Grapevine will custom fit a series of plastic aligners that will gradually work towards the realignment of your teeth. Each set of aligners will be designed to slowly shift your teeth. Invisalign is ideal for teens and adults experiencing mild orthodontic concerns or orthodontic relapse.

Benefits Of Invisalign

  • They are removable: With traditional braces it is common to develop tooth decay or discoloration. With Invisalign, your custom fit aligners are easily removable. You can clean both the aligner and your teeth with regular brushing and flossing. All though it is recommended to wear your aligners most of the day if you have a special occasion to attend during your treatment they can be removed.

  • They are comfortable: Made from a soft-hard plastic, Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear. Your custom aligners are designed to gradually shift your teeth so there is no tightening like metal braces. The smooth soft plastic will not cause harm to your soft tissues or damage your teeth.
  • They can increase confidence: Essentially invisible, clear braces are a discreet orthodontic treatment option. Adults who have never had braces in their youth or who are experiencing orthodontic relapse may feel embarrassed by the thought of wearing metal braces. Invisalign makes it possible to achieve your desired smile aesthetics with out the stigma of metal braces. Many people will not even notice you are wearing the aligners so you can continue to conduct normal social and professional interactions with confidence.

Schedule Your Dental Consultation Plano, TX

Contact Signature Dentistry for a personal consultation to find out what dental restorations can bring back your beautiful smile. Schedule your appointment at our Plano dentist office and start your journey towards achieving your best oral health. Dr. Grapevine and our compassionate oral health care team will help you build a healthy oral foundation for a beautiful and functional smile.

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Restore Your Smile

Oral health and halitosis, Plano, TXMissing teeth can create more than dental health concerns. Missing teeth can cause emotional stress and may begin to deteriorate your quality of life. Dr. Jacob Grapevine of Plano, TX offers dental restorations to restore the function, health, and beauty to your natural smile. Here at Signature Dentistry, we believe a confident smile is a key to a healthy and happy life.

Why Should I Replace My Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can affect all aspects of your life. Left untreated, missing teeth can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and even bone loss. Without the root structure of your missing teeth, your jaw bone is not fully supported and will begin to break down. Over time, the jaw bone will begin to recede, leaving your jawline weak, and may appear prematurely aged. Missing teeth can also affect your diet and may lead to obesity, diabetes, and other associated systemic disease.

What Are My Replacement Options?

Our Plano, TX dentist office offers a full variety of dental restorations for your optimal oral health. During your personalized oral consultation, you and Dr. Grapevine will formulate an individualized dental treatment plan to restore your oral health.

  • Dental Implants: Dental implants are the preferred method of tooth replacement. With today’s modern dental technology, dental implants are life like, long lasting, and patients experience a 95% success rate. The titanium post acts as the root of the tooth providing long-term support to your jaw bone, and a permanent missing tooth replacement.
  • Dentures: Dentures have long been the standard in tooth replacement. Modern dentures offer a better fit and look and feel more natural than ever. Dr. Grapevine also offers implant supported dentures that can provide a permanent solution if you are missing all of your teeth.

  • Dental Bridge: Dental bridges are ideal if you are missing several teeth. There are a variety of different styles of dental bridges including implant secured bridges for a permanent dental restoration.

Schedule Your Dental Consultation Plano, TX

Contact Signature Dentistry for a personal consultation to find out what dental restorations can bring back your beautiful smile. Schedule your appointment at our Plano dentist office and start your journey towards achieving your best oral health. Dr. Grapevine and our compassionate oral health care team will help you build a healthy oral foundation for a beautiful and functional smile.

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Complete Dentistry For Your Oral Health

Dr. Grapevine 5Complete dentistry is a holistic approach to practicing dental care. Complete Dentistry addresses each patient as a whole. Complete dentistry emphasizes the use of conservative dental treatments for a healthy oral foundation that promotes a patient’s well being. Plano, TX dentist Dr. Grapevine learned complete dentistry through his advanced training at The Dawson Academy. Highly trained and compassionate dentist Dr. Grapevine is proud to offer his patients in the North Dallas regions Complete Dentistry.

At our Plano, TX dentist office our dental care team strives to offer each patient individualized and conservative dental care that will allow them to enjoy their optimal oral health. Dr. Grapevine will take the time to address your oral health concerns and cosmetic goals so that he can offer appropriate treatments to build you a healthy, functional and comfortable smile.

Preventive Dental Care Plano, TX

The first step in Complete Dentistry is each patient’s dedication to their daily oral hygiene routine. Preventive dental care through proper and regular brushing and flossing can deter a whole range of complex dental health concerns. Ask Dr. Grapevine for tips and tricks on the best brushing and flossing techniques at your next visit to our Plano dentist office.

Make sure you schedule professional dental cleanings and dental checkups at least twice a year. Preventative dental check ups can help Dr. Grapevine diagnose any developing oral health concerns early. Early diagnosis of complex dental problems can be life saving. Oral cancer and periodontal disease may be able to be conservatively treated if caught in the earliest stages.

Plano, TX Dentist Office Visit

During each dentist visit with Dr. Grapevine you will receive one-on-one attentive and quality dental care. Our dental care team will take the time to address any concerns you may have and answer your questions about treatment options. As a part of our promise to offer Complete Dentistry to each patient, our dental team will spend time educating you on any required treatment processes. We will help you to understand how they will benefit your well being and explain if any further maintenance or care is required.

Schedule your appointment at our Plano dentist office to find out how to achieve your best oral health. Dr. Grapevine and our compassionate oral health care team will help you build a healthy oral foundation for a beautiful and functional smile.

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Whiten Teeth For Vibrant Smile

Keep your smile healthy, Plano, TXDiscolored teeth can be embarrassing, making your smile look aged and unhealthy. Diet, smoking and age are all factors that contribute to the gradual yellowing of your smile. There are an abundance of whitening products at the stores. But, not all offer the dramatic results you may desire. If you are dissatisfied with the results of over the counter teeth whitening products, Plano TX dentist office,Signature Dentistry, may have the teeth whitening solution for you.

How Zoom Works Plano,TX

Utilizing the most modern dental technology Dr. Jacob Grapevine offers patients a state of the art cosmetic whitening procedure- Zoom WhiteSpeed. Zoom WhiteSpeed is the latest in LED light technology. The active ingredient in the Zoom procedure is a pH balanced hydrogen peroxide.

After protecting your lips and tongue, Dr. Grapevine will apply the peroxide to your teeth. He then uses the Zoom WhiteSpeed hand held device to activate the peroxide which will whiten your teeth. Dr. Grapevine completes the procedures by applying a fluoride treatment to help protect your teeth from added sensitivity.

Benefits of Zoom

Zoom emits 100% greater intensity of light than alternative whitening light systems. Zoom produces immediate results- offering patients teeth 6-10 shades whiter.

The Zoom WhiteSpeed device gives Dr. Grapevine the advantage of precision. He is able to better control the intensity and direction of the light. This precise application helps to reduce the tooth sensitivity that some patients may experience after treatment.

The whole procedure is essentially painless. While Dr. Grapevine performs Zoom treatment you can sit back in the comfort of our Plano dentist office and watch a complimentary movie on our high tech movie glasses. By the time the movie is over, you will have a healthy, bright smile!

Schedule A Consultation

There are other options on the market for whitening teeth. Not all teeth whitening procedures are right for every patient. Some patients with brown discoloration to their teeth, or teeth that have discoloration due to injury, find that bleaching is not effective. Dr. Grapevine will discuss teeth whitening options available for your specific oral health needs. Our Plano TX dentist office offers a full range of cosmetic dental treatments that may be able to meet your teeth whitening goals.

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Spooky Plaque At Halloween

Halloween candy, Plano, TXThe scariest part of Halloween is the damage all that candy does to your teeth! Spooky plaque feeds off sugar, allowing it to rapidly spread and take over your mouth. Plaque buildup can cause gum disease, bad breath, sensitive teeth, and even tooth decay. Remember, plaque build up is like a ghost! Permanent effects of plaque are not immediately noticeable, but over a lifetime can cause serious and complex dental health concerns.

Plano, TX Dentist Dr. Jacob Grapevine has some “tricks and treats” for you to moderate your sugar intake this Halloween. By making a few compromises and alterations, you can still have a spooktacular Halloween, and keep your smile healthy all winter long!

Pick Your Poison: If you can’t resist the ghoulish temptation of the candy, try to drink water instead of soda or sugary juice. Less sugar is always better, and the water will help flush out the sugar.

Plan Your Scare: Eat candy after a meal when saliva production is already increased, helping to move that plaque building sugar instead of lingering around in your mouth. Remember to rinse or brush your teeth after enjoying your sweet treat.

Trick with Treats: Make grapes eyeballs, and carrots zombie fingers! Turn healthy snacks into creepy treats! Always offer healthy alternatives at gatherings and parties, but dress them up for Halloween, kids won’t even realize they are eating healthy!

Avoid Braces Busters: Don’t let sticky and hard candies ruin all that hard work you put into straightening your teeth! If you or your kids have braces, make sure you steer clear of any taffy or sucking candies. Hard candies can get stuck and even break expensive braces. If you have any questions about what you can and can’t enjoy this holiday with your braces make sure to contact Dr. Grapevine.

Family dentist Dr. Grapevine also always recommends maintaining your healthy oral hygiene habits especially as the busy holiday season picks up. Brush and floss twice a day and make sure to come in for your regular dental cleanings and a comprehensive oral health screening. Schedule your appointment today!

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